Monday, 23 September 2013

From small acorns....

CDV 1 - by Edwin Ash, Blackpool

So I've finally decided to start putting my small collection of Victorian Military Cartes de visite on line, partly for preservation but also so that I don't have to carry them around when I want to show them to people. They will appear here slowly as time allows and I'll start with the ones which I don't have much info about so that hopefully more exposure will lead to more info.

CDV 2 - by R W Elliott, Aldershot

CDV 5 - by Ulysses Paltoni, Brecon

This picture is interesting as the subject seems to be wearing an unusual uniform variation. He appears to be wearing an 1881 pattern 7 button, rounded collar serge frock (hip pockets, no front edging), but with the 'jampot' style cuffs of the 1881 pattern tunic.

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